The all-in delivery charge for deliveries is, irrespective of the weight and value of the goods:

Country Shipment charges
Austria 20,00 EUR
Belgium 20,00 EUR
Bulgaria 20,00 EUR
Cyprus 20,00 EUR
Czech Republic 20,00 EUR
Denmark 20,00 EUR
Estonia 20,00 EUR
Finland 20,00 EUR
France 20,00 EUR
Germany 20,00 EUR
Greece 20,00 EUR
Hungary 20,00 EUR
Italy 20,00 EUR
Ireland 20,00 EUR
Latvia 20,00 EUR
Lithuania 20,00 EUR
Luxembourg 20,00 EUR
Malta 20,00 EUR
Netherlands 20,00 EUR
Portugal 20,00 EUR
Romania 20,00 EUR
Slovakia 20,00 EUR
Slovenia 20,00 EUR
Spain 20,00 EUR
Sweden 20,00 EUR

If one or more of the products ordered cannot be supplied, we will naturally inform you without delay. If a product cannot be supplied by reason of force majeure or cessation of production and the Dill Online Pharmacy cannot obtain the goods ordered on acceptable conditions, the circumstances only occur after the conclusion of the contract and the Dill Online Pharmacy is not responsible for the non-delivery, Dill Online Pharmacy is released from the obligation to deliver. The orderer will be informed of this by the Dill Online Pharmacy without delay. Payments by the buyer will be reimbursed without delay.