General Terms of Business

of the Dill Online Pharmacy for mail order business
Issue: 12.06.2018

§ 1 General

The terms and conditions listed below apply for all business transactions with the Dill Online Pharmacy as the terms of delivery and payment; agreements by word of mouth and divergent purchase conditions on the part of the buyer must be confirmed in writing by the Dill Online Pharmacy. The entire business relationship is always governed exclusively by German law with the exclusion of international law. All goods offered by the Dill Online Pharmacy on its Internet pages represent an invitation to make an offer, i.e., in the event of non-availability, the goods do not have to be supplied. The order is placed by the sending of the completed order form in the online procedure. With the order by the purchaser, an offer is made which is accepted by the dispatch of the goods by the Dill Online Pharmacy, not by the confirmation of the receipt of the order. The Dill Online Pharmacy does not sell any goods to under-age persons or other persons with a limited capacity to act unless the goods are ordered by their legal representative.

§ 2 Terms and conditions of delivery

The all-in delivery charge for deliveries is, irrespective of the weight and value of the goods:

Country Shipment charges
Austria 20,00 EUR
Belgium 20,00 EUR
Bulgaria 20,00 EUR
Brazil 40,00 EUR
Cyprus 20,00 EUR
Czech Republic 20,00 EUR
Denmark 20,00 EUR
Estonia 20,00 EUR
Finland 20,00 EUR
France 20,00 EUR
Germany 20,00 EUR
Greece 20,00 EUR
Hungary 20,00 EUR
Italy 20,00 EUR
Ireland 20,00 EUR
Latvia 20,00 EUR
Lithuania 20,00 EUR
Luxembourg 20,00 EUR
Malta 20,00 EUR
Netherlands 20,00 EUR
Portugal 20,00 EUR
Romania 20,00 EUR
Slovakia 20,00 EUR
Slovenia 20,00 EUR
Spain 20,00 EUR
Sweden 20,00 EUR

If one or more of the products ordered cannot be supplied, we will naturally inform you without delay. If a product cannot be supplied by reason of force majeure or cessation of production and the Dill Online Pharmacy cannot obtain the goods ordered on acceptable conditions, the circumstances only occur after the conclusion of the contract and the Dill Online Pharmacy is not responsible for the non-delivery, Dill Online Pharmacy is released from the obligation to deliver. The orderer will be informed of this by the Dill Online Pharmacy without delay. Payments by the buyer will be reimbursed without delay.

§ 3 Terms of payment

The purchase price is due on the conclusion of the contract, i.e., with the handing of the goods to the forwarding agent. All prices are retail prices in euros incl. VAT. The prices at the time of ordering apply. Payment can be made in advance or by credit card. For payment in advance, delivery takes place only after the complete purchase price has been credited to our account. All bank charges are debited to the purchaser. You can pay the Dill Online Pharmacy with credit cards of American Express, Euro Card/Master Card or Visa. Your credit card account is naturally debited only on the date of shipment with the billing. Please use the following account for your transfers:

Dill Online-Apotheke
International account number

VR Bank Lahn-Dill eG

Bank code: 517 624 34
Account No.: 0026270030

IBAN-Code: DE86 5176 2434 0026 2700 30

Please remember to state your invoice number under purpose.
The Dill Online Pharmacy reserves the right to exclude types of payment.

§ 4 Retention of ownership

The goods remain the property of the seller until the payment in full of the purchase price plus any ancillary demands (earlier deliveries).

§ 5 Defects / Warranty

The Dill Online Pharmacy always warrants the goods in accordance with the provisions of law. As a divergence from this, it is agreed that the warranty period is two years, calculated from the transfer of the risk. The details and illustrations shown in the Online Shop, especially those contained in the price-lists, are of a purely informative character and do not represent any promise or guarantee. If the contract partner is a businessman and the contract belongs to the operation of his commerce, § 377 HGB applies. If it is a question of a breach of obligations on the part of the Dill Online Pharmacy, the customer must inform the Dill Online Pharmacy of this and can set a reasonable period of grace for the Dill Online Pharmacy for replacement or rectification. If the replacement or rectification is not successful, the purchaser is entitled to demand at his option a new delivery or a reduction of the purchase price, to withdraw from the purchase contract and/or to demand damages. If the purchaser also demands damages, the Dill Online Pharmacy is only liable for damage to the goods ordered; any other claims by the orderer for damages are excluded if there is no guarantee, no injury to life, body or health and no intent or gross negligence.

§ 6 Data Privacy Policy

Our website may be used without entering personal information. Different rules may apply to certain services on our site, however, and are explained separately below. We collect personal information from you (e.g. name, address, email address, telephone number, etc.) in accordance with the provisions of German data protection statutes. Information is considered personal if it can be associated exclusively to a specific natural person. The legal framework for data protection may be found in the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG). The provisions below serve to provide information as to the manner, extent and purpose for collecting, using and processing personal information by the provider.

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Please be aware that data transfer via the internet is subject to security risks and, therefore, complete protection against third-party access to transferred data cannot be ensured.


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To an extent, however, these cookies also pass along information used to automatically recognize you. Recognition occurs through an IP address saved to the cookies. The information thereby obtained is used to improve our services and to expedite your access to the website.

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Contacting Us

On our website we offer you the opportunity to contact us, either by email and/or by using a contact form. In such event, information provided by the user is stored for the purpose of facilitating communications with the user. No data is transferred to third parties. Nor is any of this information matched to any information that may be collected by other components of our website.


On the basis of the Federal Data Protection Act, you may contact us at no cost if you have questions relating to the collection, processing or use of your personal information, if you wish to request the correction, blocking or deletion of the same, or if you wish to cancel explicitly granted consent. Please note that you have the right to have incorrect data corrected or to have personal data deleted, where such claim is not barred by any legal obligation to retain this data.

Sample Data Privacy Policy Statement provided by the Law Offices of Weiß & Partner

§ 7 Exclusion of liability

The Dill Online Pharmacy refers to its pages with links to other pages in the Internet. The Dill Online Pharmacy has no influence whatsoever on the layout and contents of the linked pages, expressly refuses any responsibility for any contents of linked pages of third parties and does not identify itself with such contents. This declaration applies to all links shown and for all contents of the pages to which links lead.

§ 8 Safeguarding clause

If individual provisions prove ineffective in law, this shall not effect the validity of the other provisions. In particular, the contract remains valid for both parties.